Sunday, 26 June 2011

Lash Lust

Hi! Sorry I haven’t blogged for a few days. However whilst I have been off on holiday I’ve still been working my way through some new and exciting products.

One of which I have been desperate to get my hands on for ages, and I wasn’t the only one. Ever heard of a mascara waiting list?? That’s exactly what happened when Model Co announced they were launching “Fibre Lash” in the UK!
Now I am a bit of a lash addict and i love false lashes, particularly individual lashes as they give you that extra bit of glamour without being overly obvious. So the concept of “Fibre Lash” which allows you to brush on false lashes and get rid of the messy glue, fiddly lashes and fear that one might fall onto your cheek at a really embarrassing moment sounded too good to be true….

The product comes with two tubes, one containing extension mascara and the other the lash fibres. The first step is to coat your lashes with the mascara, then second follow with the fibres. This is slightly weird to get used to as the tiny white hairs stick all over your lashes and look quite strange.
Finally you finish with a top coat of mascara which miraculously binds and pulls the fibres together and they create extensions to your own lashes.

So the verdict…
Yes the product does work, it does extend your lashes and make them look longer and slightly thicker. However it takes a bit of perfecting, as leave too long between steps and you will end up with clumpy spidery lashes.

Unfortunately it’s not enough to replace the full effect you achieve with false lashes as the product doesn’t quite give you enough length and volume to bin the false lashes just yet!

Then there is the price…£35 is expensive for a mascara. I’m not sure how long it will last but I can’t see it outrunning 3 of my favourite Max Factor tubes which would be the equivalent cost.

So if you want a quick way to enhance your lashes on a day to day basis, then this is the product for you..but for a night out its time to get the glue out again, and hope you don’t return home with one stuck on your cheek.

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