Monday, 11 February 2013

Stuck on You..

Following on from yesterday’s lash tip I thought it might be worth sharing a great product that will also make this process much easier.

It’s time to abandon all those fiddly little tubes of glue you get with the lashes and invest in a tube of Duo Glue.

This glue is much more effective at sticking the lashes, it tends to be a thicker consistency than the glue enclosed with most lashes which can be quite runny and causes the lashes to slide around more when trying to apply.

Even better this glue is available in black! When this dries it becomes a dark black which blends in with the lashes rather than leaving a white residue which gives the false lash game away!

To apply the lashes effectively pop a blob of glue onto the back of your hand, or if you’d rather you can use something as a palette (for example the tray the lashes came in). Give the glue a couple of minutes to become tacky and then run the spine of the lash through the glue. Give the lash a minute for the glue to dry more and then place the lash on top of your own lashes.

Hopefully this will help with some of the problems a lot of people have when applying falsies…..

Duo Glue is available from most MAC stores and also from these websites:

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