Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Kebelo...100 Days of Amazing Hair!

I don’t usually write about hair products as it’s not my specialty however after trying this process out and seeing the results I had to share my experience.

I am unlucky to be the owner of very frizzy hair!! This is something which has caused me no end of stress, bad hair days and many, many hair products over the years.
Only very expensive frizz free shampoos, conditioners, serum followed by a lengthy blow dry and finally a fair effort with some straighteners was enough to calm it…and plenty of time to do all this.

However even this didn't guarantee my hair stayed smooth, humid or damp weather was a particular enemy of mine with the effects resembling something similar to Monica from “Friends”.

Queue the solution from my friend and trusted hairdresser Lee at Renegade Hair Studio, Leeds. He had been telling me about a process commonly known as a “ Brazilian Blow Dry” for quite a while. A treatment which smooths each strand of hair leaving it frizz free and lasts 100 days. I obviously immediately wanted a chance to try it, however Lee (ever the perfectionist) insisted he wasn't yet quite happy with the product or the process. Mainly the fact the treatment had to remain on the hair for a week before it could be washed.

So a couple of weeks ago I was excited to receive the news he had a product he was finally happy with and when did I want it doing…”NOW!!!!”

The product Lee had given the go ahead to is the “Kebelo System”. This contains none of the harsh chemicals of its predecessors and also can be washed off after only an hour of application.

The whole process from arriving to leaving the salon takes a bit longer than that and a very patient hairdresser. The hair is first washed with the Kebelo Cleansing shampoo to prep for the treatment.  The Kebelo Advantage is then applied section by section until covering all the hair.  The hair is now blow dried straight with a paddle brush until dry.

Now each section of hair has to be straightened 15 times to seal in the product and causes the reaction of the product with the hair which creates the smooth effect.
It’s at this point with the old version of the system you would have to leave the salon and keep the product on for a week before washing, this would have been a nightmare. The product leaves your hair feeling sticky and like it has a years’ worth of product build up on. Something I could not have dealt with!!

Luckily for me i was able to have my hair washed straight away with the aftercare products supplied with the treatment.  This consists of shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. These are the only products allowed to be used after the treatment as they do not contain sulphates among other things which ruin the effect of the treatment.

Finally after my wash it was time for the result, to truly test the product my hair was given a rough dry rather than its usual careful and time consuming blow dry . The results were incredible, my hair felt smooth and frizz free. It was reasonably straight but still with some natural movement, which I was pleased with as I was worried about a poker straight flat finish.

Now came a real test however as I headed out around a wet and soggy Leeds. Even this did not deter my new resilient hair. A miracle!

Two weeks later and I’m still thrilled with the results. No more time consuming styling or hiding from the weather. The hair requires much less heat styling which will aid my attempts to grow it and despite the smoothness still holds a curl just as well. One other advantage which I have noticed is that it seems to feel cleaner for longer and needs washing less. This is great as the more you wash the quicker the product wears off.

I will definitely be returning for my next Kebelo after this… the first 100 days of the rest of my hair’s life.

For more information on this system visit:

Thanks to the amazing Lee @ Renegade Hair Studio Leeds:

Monday, 11 February 2013

Stuck on You..

Following on from yesterday’s lash tip I thought it might be worth sharing a great product that will also make this process much easier.

It’s time to abandon all those fiddly little tubes of glue you get with the lashes and invest in a tube of Duo Glue.

This glue is much more effective at sticking the lashes, it tends to be a thicker consistency than the glue enclosed with most lashes which can be quite runny and causes the lashes to slide around more when trying to apply.

Even better this glue is available in black! When this dries it becomes a dark black which blends in with the lashes rather than leaving a white residue which gives the false lash game away!

To apply the lashes effectively pop a blob of glue onto the back of your hand, or if you’d rather you can use something as a palette (for example the tray the lashes came in). Give the glue a couple of minutes to become tacky and then run the spine of the lash through the glue. Give the lash a minute for the glue to dry more and then place the lash on top of your own lashes.

Hopefully this will help with some of the problems a lot of people have when applying falsies…..

Duo Glue is available from most MAC stores and also from these websites:

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Quick False Lash Tip!

I posted this picture on my Instagram last week and a few people have mentioned what a good tip it is that I thought it should feature on this blog…

Often when you get a pair of strip lashes the band tends to be straighter than the curve of the eyelid. This means that when you try and apply the lashes they are difficult to stick along the eyelid shape and tend to lift at the ends.

Before applying them they need to be made to curve, however sometimes trying to bend them or flexing them isn't quite enough to do this and often they straighten back up.

By twisting them round a cotton bud as shown in the picture and holding for 30 seconds or so the tightness of the way they are twisted will be enough to break the stiffness of the lash and help them to stay curvy.

If the lashes are a bit sticky from the glue that has been holding them to the packet this will usually hold them to the cotton bud. Otherwise you can just hold them with your fingers.

Hopefully if you follow this tip it will be a bit easier to then apply your false lashes….