Sunday, 10 February 2013

Quick False Lash Tip!

I posted this picture on my Instagram last week and a few people have mentioned what a good tip it is that I thought it should feature on this blog…

Often when you get a pair of strip lashes the band tends to be straighter than the curve of the eyelid. This means that when you try and apply the lashes they are difficult to stick along the eyelid shape and tend to lift at the ends.

Before applying them they need to be made to curve, however sometimes trying to bend them or flexing them isn't quite enough to do this and often they straighten back up.

By twisting them round a cotton bud as shown in the picture and holding for 30 seconds or so the tightness of the way they are twisted will be enough to break the stiffness of the lash and help them to stay curvy.

If the lashes are a bit sticky from the glue that has been holding them to the packet this will usually hold them to the cotton bud. Otherwise you can just hold them with your fingers.

Hopefully if you follow this tip it will be a bit easier to then apply your false lashes….

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