Sunday, 17 July 2011

Coveted Coverage

Every now and then a make-up brand will release a product which is so sought after that any artist who owns one will adore it, and those who don’t will look on enviously!

One of the MOST sought after products is the Bobbi Brown University Face Palette. This product was inspired by Bobbi Brown’s own make-up kit and  is “the ultimate face palette for pros and aspiring artists alike.”

Used by pretty much every top artist in the industry the pallet is a compact and easy way to own, transport and use every shade of a corrector, concealer and foundation you could ever need. If that wasn’t enough the quality of the products inside are considered to be some of the best on the market.

The last time the pallet was available was 2009 as a limited edition. These were quickly snapped up and since there has been speculation about when (if ever) another one would be available. Rumours started earlier this year 
that a new palette was on the cards and there was even talk of a waiting list

Finally this month the wait is over, without any hype or advertising the new limited edition palette has appeared 
on the website and is selling fast as word spreads.

The new palette is even bettter than the old version. It features 11 rather than 9 shades of her skin flattering Corrector, 14 instead of 12 shades of Creamy Concealer, and 20 Foundation Stick shades which is 3 more than the previous palette. Plus an empty well to mix and make custom shades.

I’m waiting excitedly for mine to arrive and to pulling it proudly out of my kit many times….

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